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SinglesNews.Net is looking for articles of interest to singles! Relationships will probably be the most frequent topic, however we are open minded as to what subjects we will cover.

Contributors will be acknowleged with a brief bio and a links back to their websites or to websites that sells their books. If you have an important message for singles please call us at 303 990-9393 or email to


Single Professionals - Successful singles creating lasting relationships.

Active Singles - Friendly, outgoing singles in the mid 30s - mid 60s age range.

Senior Singles - A nice, easy to use dating community for Colorado seniors.

Young Singles - Caring young singles who seek lasting relationships.

Christian Singles - Singles whose faith is an important part of their everyday life.

Catholic Singles - Active members of the Catholic Church.

Spiritual Singles - Open-minded, spiritually oriented singles.

Jewish Singles - Open to all singles who identify themselves as Jews.

Marriage Yes! - Exclusively for singles who intend to marry.

Children Yes! - Singles with children and those who want children.

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