We Met at Starbucks
We Met at Starbucks
(a Love Story)
Eric L. Mott and Kelly Jo Eldredge

reviewed by Greg Wasleski

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"We Met at Starbucks" review

A few years ago a young gentleman joined my dating service. He really didn’t want to join, his sister made him do it. He requested to meet one woman; he is now married to her.

It doesn’t always work like that; in fact the woman he married was a member for several years before they met.

”We Met at Starbucks” is the story of Kelly Jo Eldredge and Eric Mott whose Littleton Colorado residents whose online dating journeys lasted three and five years respectively.

They share plenty of humorous tales of horror. A very funny book, it seems that a sense of humor is the key to enduring frustrations and disappointments of dating. It is also a story of discovery, growth and in the end love.

They agreed that the dating experience was necessary, “We both had journeys to complete and things to learn before we were ready to meet each other.”

Their stories are funny and ring true. If you have tried online dating you will easily relate. If you are new to online dating you will learn a thing or two. If you have given up on love you might be inspired to try again.

Quite a bit of practical advice in the book, here are a few nuggets:

”If when he finds out you are employed his response is, “Whoa, you might be out of my league!” let this fine catch go.”

”If his first response upon meeting you is “Boy, honey you’d make beautiful babies,” end the date right there.”

“When it’s 2007 and he is just discovering email, you might want to move on and let him catch up at his own pace.”

One of Kelly Jo’s dates told her “all of us using Internet dating were broken people.” Her unspoken reaction; “I’m not broken. Even in the darkest moments of my life I am still a viable, significant, loved human being.”

She goes on to say “Internet dating is not the Island of Misfit Toys! It’s a place for people who are single to meet each other. It’s as simple as that… Online, I could get to know a little more about a person before we went out.”

Kelly found an additional benefit to posting her online dating profile; “I found out a lot more about myself when I had to spell out what makes me tick and what is important to me in a relationship.”

Modern life is a mix of high expectations and high anxiety. The stresses on a relationship are numerous and temptations are ever present. Finding the right partner and building a relationship that will endure is a great challenge. Online dating is a tool that will help if you keep a positive attitude and learn a little bit each time you use it.

In “We Met at Starbucks” Eric and Kelly Jo give us a chance to laugh at ourselves and reasons to believe that our efforts will be rewarded.

”We Met at Starbucks” Eric Mott & Kelly Jo Eldredge
A very humorous enjoyable read, also at 70 pages a quick read.
Available for $15.25 at Amazon.Com
Authors' Website: 4CatsInk.Com