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The development of low cost, non polluting energy production technologies is most urgent technical challenge currently facing mankind. Both government and private industry have been dragging their feet on in this area. Fortunately there are many researchers throughout the world are working on this problem. A variety of technologies are being developed and improved including renewable energy, hydrogen fuels, fuel cells, cold fusion and zero point energy converters.

Two excellent sources for information in this field are New Energy News and Infinite Energy magazines. Below are links to the websites of these magazines. We have also included a small sample of the many great links you can find at the New Energy News website.


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A patent was granted on March 26, 2002 for "The Motionless Magnetic Generator," (MEG) US Patent 6,362,718, which is likely to become the first commercially available free energy device in history in about one year from now. The machine will provide free electricity from the vacuum, for the life of the device, which should be a very long life since it has no moving parts. Click here to read the entire article.(Reprinted from Nen Energy News with permission from the author)

Link to Dr. Tom Beardon's (co-inventor of the MEG Scaler Energy Device mentioned above) website

Infinite Energy;

Future Energies

 New Energy News;

A small sample of the many great links found at the New Energy News website:

Alternative Energy Institute, Inc. - Helping create a new energy future through education, political action and assistance. A non-profit organization dedicated to answering these vital questions and promoting solutions. Our focus is to help ensure a smooth transition from dependence on dangerous and polluting forms of energy to a more vital, healthier world. 

BlackLight Power, Inc. - "BlackLight Power, Inc. believes it has developed a new method (the BlackLight Process) for generating thermal energy for heating and electrical power generation, and a vast class of new compositions of matter. BLP's electrolytic cells have produced 30-1000% excess power or greater for extended periods of time; some have been in operation for more than 1 year. The prototype cells created by BLP produce thermal energy immediately, continuously and consistently. Hydrogen atoms react with a catalyst to release significant amounts of energy (between chemical and nuclear), to form a lower-energy hydrogen product that is very valuable and non-polluting. High-power-density, high-temperature, hydrogen gas cells produce heat of orders of magnitude greater than that of the combustion of hydrogen and at temperatures (1200 ¡F to 2200 ¡F) and power densities equal to those of many electric power plants (approximately). BlackLight Power is one of the few companies in the field to receive funding from a large utility company, and they recently received a U.S. patent for their technology.

NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program - NASA is embarking on a new, small program called Breakthrough Propulsion Physics to seek the ultimate breakthroughs in space transportation: (1) Propelling a vehicle without propellant mass, (2) attaining the maximum transit speeds physically possible, and (3) creating new energy production methods to power such devices. Because such goals are beyond the accumulated scientific knowledge to date, further advances in science are sought, specifically advances that focus on propulsion issues.